Summer Collection

Candice is a multi-disciplinary artist and designer based on the Mornington Peninsula.

Working across painting, design, craft and art direction, her work is made with a sense of playfulness and tactility. She has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions locally and internationally, designed textiles and art prints and received an arts grant from Kingston Council.

In 2016, Candice founded Design Salad to support small businesses with bold branding, illustration, pattern design and websites.

Currently, she runs Design Salad and paints from her home studio in Rosebud, Victoria.

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Selected work

Pink abstract painting

‘Rapture’, 152cm x 122cm (sold)

Greenhouse painting, abstract

‘Greehouse’, 152cm x 122cm (sold)

Pink abstract painting

‘Haze’, 120cm x 100cm (sold)

Greenhouse painting, abstract

‘Happy Dance’, 152cm x 122cm (sold)