Photo credit: Jacqui Shelton

Primarily working in painting and drawing, Candice McGaw is captivated by the visceral nature of a subject; it’s movement, fleshiness and sculptural qualities. Previously subjects have included food, skeletal structures, architecture, classical sculpture, and more recently biomedical science. Observation is often a point of departure for representational and abstract artworks.

Throughout Candice’s practice, anatomy and architecture have been recurring themes. From using X-rays, making rich paintings of meat and skulls to ink paintings of ancient Greek female sculptures. There is a fascination with how we are made and the complexity of the body. How the material and act of painting can enhance or mediate understanding. Bodies of work often comprise a variety of scales and mediums while the placement of works within the exhibition space is carefully considered as further potential for interaction and understanding.

Candice completed a Bachelor of Fine Art (Painting) at Monash University in 2013 and has exhibited in London, Melbourne and Italy. In June 2018 she had a major solo exhibition ‘Transient Structures’ at Kingston Arts Centre, supported by the Kingston Arts Council and mentor Danni Ratnayake (ARMI). She works from her home studio in Edithvale Victoria.